Why use a freight broker?


Good afternoon ladies & gents and welcome to the shipping blog for One-Stop Freight Shop, LLC!  Many people might wonder why they would need to use a freight broker to move their goods and what a freight broker is in general.  Well, today we will answer those two very important questions for you.

Many businesses have limited resources and time to establish relationships with trucking carriers to move their product on a routine basis.  Therefore, they hire freight brokers.  A freight broker is in constant communication with the trucking industry and has the expertise to negotiate competitive freight rates with the carriers all while taking in account the customer’s requests.

A shipper’s core concern is manufacturing a product and distributing it.  The freight broker’s core concern is moving those products from origin to destination and having it arrive to the customer in its desired condition.  With the limited in-house resources it can get very expensive for the shipper as well as time consuming to handle all the necessary work of setting up shipments directly with carriers.  Shippers must focus their attention on what matters most and that is their product and let the freight broker handle the shipping of that product.

Freight brokers use their sheer amount of volume done with carriers to benefit the customer directly by getting the most competitive freight rates upwards of 80% off.  Many trucking companies do not have a sales staff and some of which just have one truck and driver so they must rely on a freight broker to keep their business going.  This established relationship between the freight broker and carrier helps make it routine for both ends and keep things running as smoothly as possible.

In summary, a shipper uses a freight broker rather than attempting to set-up their shipment themselves due to the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and expertise in the field by the freight broker.  They are geared to a commitment of excellence in customer service, from the initial shipping quote inquiry to the arrival of our customer’s shipment at its final destination.

I hope this helps explain why the services of a freight broker such as One-Stop Freight Shop are essential in the shipping industry.  As always if you need any assistance in moving your product go to One-Stop Freight Shop’s website here and one of their expert freight brokers will be in contact within minutes of your inquiry.

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At One-Stop Freight Shop, LLC our mission is to be your vendor of choice providing our valued customers with the most efficient service within the freight industry. One-Stop Freight Shop, LLC will make your shipping experience speedy and simple while providing superior customer care and support throughout the shipping process.
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One Response to Why use a freight broker?

  1. AOB says:

    This is very helpful. Thank you. I am looking forward to utilizing your services in the future.

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